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Stop paying too much for Healthcare.

On November 1st,2020 Open Enrollment for Healthcare begins and you have the opportunity to stop paying too much for your Healthcare. As of November 1st, you can change your healthcare plan and if you think your are paying too much, you probably are. Do you have money to throw away? That is not likely. So now is the time to shop for a less expensive healthcare plan that will meet your needs at a big saving.

How do I know that you can stop paying too much for Healthcare, because I help people do it all the time. Today's healthcare offer many more affordable options including coverage through the Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care) and Short Term Plans. You don't need to settle for paying high priced premium for less than standard comprehensive healthcare coverage.

Call today, to discover your options with affordable healthcare plans 561-713-8889. Or use the contact form on this site to start a conversation i.e. to change your healthcare plan during the Open Enrollment period that begins on November 1st.

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