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You’ve got a lot of different decisions to make about your Medicare coverage. Do you want to stick with only Original Medicare (Part A & Part B)? How about adding a Medicare Supplement? Or getting a private-market Medicare Advantage? How much will it cost? We’d love to help.


Medicare Parts A, B, C and D: Costs and coverage explained

Medicare Supplement Plan options

When you purchase Medicare Supplement insurance, you don't replace or cancel your Medicare Parts A and B membership. You have all your Medicare rights and protections.

The benefits from plan to plan are the same from every insurance company (some companies may offer innovative benefits) - so a Plan C from one company has the same medical coverage as a Plan C from any other. The difference is in the company, the quality of service, and the price.

There are eight Medicare Supplement insurance plans: Plans A, B, C, F (high deductible plan available), G, K, L and N. Your plan availability may vary depending on your state. Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin offer different plan options

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