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The Storms of Life

September 11, 2019

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The Storms of Life

September 11, 2019


Labor Day 2019 will long be stamped on our memories for many reasons.  What will we remember?  Hopefully, we will remember our South Florida area was blessed to have been spared the devastation of a direct hit from Dorian, a category five hurricane.  The worst hurricane in recorded history.                  Of course, we will remember the unending hours of preparation and the turmoil at gas stations and grocery stores.  We will remember where we waited the approach of Dorian and who we were with and what we did while we waited.  We won’t forget the ever- changing cone, the spaghetti tracking or the unending social media posts, humorous and sad.  We must remember the plight and the destruction of our neighbor, the beautiful Bahamas. The lives that were lost and the lives that miraculously survived who now pray for hope and help.  Perhaps most of all, we will remember how our uncertainty felt during all of this.  We were forced to stop play our head games. We had to stop telling ourselves and God our plans.  We had to acknowledge that we did not have a clue what was going to happen from one moment or day to the next.  It was a sobering experience!


Sobriety awakens us and brings many things into sharp focus.  It helps us see things clearly for the first time in a long time.  We realize anew things we have always known in some manner but things that we seldom think on profoundly.  There are a few issues that surface above all the multitude on an unending list.

Life is an unbelievable gift every day and moment.   Our circumstances, and acquisitions, be they great or small do not matter. If we are alive, we are blessed.  Anything beyond that is just additional blessing. We should never take life for granted.

Our family and love ones are irreplaceable and must be treasured.  In this digital age we are so connected and disconnected.  Yes, we can communicate online but we can not feel the touch of love in a heartfelt embrace. We can not fell the breath of a last kiss before we say goodbye, perhaps for the last time. We must cherish the moments we spend with each other and not waste them.  Tomorrow they may be gone forever.

Death may come to anyone quickly and without warning. Life is full of natural disasters, physical frailties and mindless violence.  Scripture reminds us to be aware.  “No man knows, what a day may bring.”  So be mindful that today, any day may be the last day of our life on this earth.

We spend too much time maintaining our life and far too little preparing for death.   We clutter our live with a lot of junk and meaningless activities. We are too busy with our busyness to take time to ask our selves a most pertinent question.  Are we ready for death spiritually and practically?

Like or not, admit it or not, we all have a spiritual perspective.  A conclusion that we have come to about the Divine and ourselves.   That conclusion impacts our life and our preparations for death.  Death is an unquestionable certainty that people often ignore until it is too late.  Some people think, I will make things right when the time comes. The problem with that plan is, so often we don’t know when our time is coming.  My advice and encouragement are to prepare spiritually for your death now, while you can.

Similarly, I would advise diligence when it comes to practical preparation for your death.  Is your house in order, if the unexpected occurred and you died?   Do you have your will, trust and business plan prepared? I hope you do, for your own peace of mind and for the well fair of your loved ones.  If you are not prepared, start preparing immediately.  The old adage is,  “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Because tomorrow may never come.”  


Yes, we will remember Labor Day 2019 and Hurricane Dorian for a long time.  Hurricane Dorian is and will continue to be a dramatic stress event in our lives.  For many it will take years and maybe a life time, to process the changes it created for their lives.  In much the same way, our death will always be remembered by our family and loved ones.  How do we want our death to be remembered?  Do we want it to bring up fearful thoughts for stressful uncertainty? Or do we want our death to be remembered for your loving preparations? 

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