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January 7, 2017

Meet Cate & Chris Pracey!

A few weeks ago my business brought me to Indian Creek’s Stillwater Circle, and I ended up knocking on the door of the Pracey family. Momma Pracey, who goes by Cate, opened the door and spilling out of the house came lots of children, some hers, some belonging to the neighbors, and I think mainly just to contain all the rascals, she invited me into her home.


Now I’m sitting at her kitchen table with her Springer Spaniel’s head in my lap and a Disney Epcot mug of coffee in my hands, and I’m learning that Cate is no ordinary busy momma.

Originally Florida natives, Cate and her husband Chris were both young when they moved away – Chris spent 8 years in Virginia, and Cate also spent 8 years in Georgia. Oddly enough, while they were away they both got married, then divorced, then came home to their families, and then shortly after, thanks to, they found each other! They were married exactly 1 year after they met. Fast forward to today, and the Pracey family has grown quite a bit – with 7 year old Jack, 3 year old River and the newest addition, 4 month old Skylar, Cate has her hands, both feet and her shoulders full. But all of this only makes her better and more insightful in what she loves to do most: planning and tailoring dream all-inclusive vacations so you and your family can create life-long  memories!

Her official title is Certified Travel Agent, but Cate is so much more than that. With no charge for her services, Cate will help you dream up the family getaway you never knew you always wanted, make it work within your budget, and maximize the value of your time while you’re there. She knows the secrets in vacation planning – hotel rooms unavailable to the general public, she gets them for you. Your child has peanut allergies, or is gluten free, or the whole family is eating kosher? Cate’s on the phone making sure specialty meals are prepared throughout your trip. Someone in the family has a handicap or a mobility issue? Cate’s on it. Nobody in your family can agree on what they want to do? No matter what you ask for, Cate is cooking up the ideal getaway that makes everyone happy. And when you arrive at your perfect destination and your luggage has inevitably been lost? No matter the time, you call Cate – she is by her phone and ready to sit on hold with the airline while you get your vacation started. She’s your family consultant, your back-up emergency plan, and your new best friend. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or the adventure of a lifetime, if you’re booking your vacation without Cate, you are doing yourself a MASSIVE disservice!

CATE’S TOP PICKS: Her personal favorites in vacationing, for the romantic getaway or full-family fun!

Disney: Whether you’d like to meet Mickey at his home in Disney World or while cruising the open seas on a Disney Cruise, Cate will create a magical experience not just for the kids, but yes, Disney is fun for the adults too!





 Adventures by Disney: A once in a life-time trip perfect for those itching for an authentic experience, without giving up the Disney hospitality they’ve become accustomed to. Pick from 26 adventures around the world, and go where no tourist has gone before. For example, visit Rome and go behind the scenes in the Sistene Chapel and Colosseum, learn how to press olive oil and make pasta the way villagers have for thousands of years, and do it while being personal guided by Disney certified guides. Adventures range from a dude ranch in Wyoming, wine country in California, to European and exotic destinations!




Destination Weddings: One of Cate’s favorite vacations to plan, Caribbean destination weddings are planned from top to bottom, so the bride and groom can actually enjoy their wedding and honeymoon, and so will all of their guests!



Sandals and Beaches Resorts: Seeing as she has relaxed on their beaches, been shown behind the scenes by their General Manager and has been wined and dined by their Head Chef, Cate has the insight for planning the perfect honeymoon or couple’s getaway. But Sandal’s family resorts will make sure the children don’t spoil the romance, with British-trained nannies to take them off your hands. From babies 1 week and older, Beaches Kids’ Club will have your little ones occupied and loving life without you, so you can keep your bum in a lounge chair and a Pina Colada in your hand.

Cate’s passion for creating lifetime family memories is obvious as she speaks. She gets joy from seeing her client’s photos from a trip she help planned, and working with her clients year after year is rewarding, as she sees their adventures change as their family grows. She always looks forward to making a difference and putting together the best experience you can possible have. One vacation planned by Cate will have you asking what you ever did without her – and the best part, her service is free of charge!

Call Cate BEFORE your next vacation!

Cate Pracey,
Magic Maker
Magic of Mickey Travel, LLC
Cate’s bio:



When Cate’s not planning vacations, she’s having fun with little Jack and River and all their neighborhood friends. They like to bring them over, and Cate’s home turns into dance parties, karaoke contests, movies & popcorn, baking, even Christmas tree decorating. But what Cate loves about Stillwater Circle is that when the kids are not at her house, she knows exactly where they are.  The neighborhood moms are well connected, sending texts to each other to notify they have the kids at their house, jumping into the pool or on the trampoline or eating a snack.  Not that it’s hard to find who’s house they’re at, just look for the front lawn with the pile of bicycles on it!



Cate loves her neighborhood because the homes are affordable, taxes are low, HOA fees are low, and she couldn’t be happier with the Jupiter school system. She loves how easy it is to bring the kids and dog to the beach to run around, baseball games at Roger Dean Stadium, and free concerts at Harborside. Some of their Jupiter weekend favorites are hot dogs and fish sandwiches by the beach at Dune Dogs, an awesome and cheap family joint right by another favorite of theirs, Jupiter Donut Factory. They like to visit the Green Markets on Burns and Harbor Place, and frequent the nearby subdivision of Abacoa for all of their kid-friendly events.

Before leaving I asked Cate how she juggles work and the kids on a daily basis, and she gave me a piece of advice I shall remember for when I have kids of my own: When the children are running amuck in the house, squealing and yelling and climbing on the furniture, she reminds herself that somewhere out there is a mother with a child not healthy enough to run, scream or climb, and then she’s thankful for the chaos inside her busy, but cozy home.


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