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Hello and thank you for taking a moment to look at Safe Harbor Financial Resources. We are committed to getting to know you and provide the resources and information you need. What brings you to our website? Do you need Medicare education and recommendations? Do you want to know that you are setup for a enjoyable retirement?  Perhaps you want to have a legacy for your family  with life insurance if anything unexpected occurred. If you looking for financial information and guidance,  please consider taking the next step and contact us on the registration form or by phone at 561-713-8889.  If you ask the questions, we will find you the answers. 

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Reviews and Recommendations

Renee Buice

 ***** 9 weeks ago

Mr. Dennis Richards has a PLETHORA of knowledge that he is ALWAYS willing to share in order to help and educate others. Confident, caring, intelligent and friendly...he makes an impression! Dennis gave us a very new way to think about protecting and growing our wealth. A totally new thought process. Wow, who knew! He is the Go To guy for financial services including Life and health insurances! Thank you Dennis!

Aimee Coburn

***** 6/05/2019

"Dennis Richards has been extremely helpful in helping me plan for my future! His honesty and humor is refreshing and I fully trust his advice. I highly recommend his services!"

Bonnie Siegfried

 *****4 weeks ago

 I was approaching the Medicare age and I was very concerned because I did not understand it. Luckily, Dennis Richards was there to answer my questions and relieve me of my concerns. Dennis, not only gave me information, but walked me through the process to find out what was best for me. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to have Dennis, who is so knowledgeable, and very interested in his clients, be there for me. I highly recommend Dennis and Safe Harbor Financial Resources to anyone who needs help with Medicare.


Walter Escarzaga

***** 15 weeks ago

Safe Harbor is exactly what they are. The world of personal finance is vast and extremely difficult to navigate. Dennis is a great adviser because he truly cares about his clients, and is very comforting to talk to with such personal issues. I cannot recommend him enough.

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